The Manchester Sikh Foundation aims are:

The prevention or relief of poverty in Greater Manchester through the provision of an Emergency food bank, delivery of dry food parcels and hot meals, and cooking hot meals on our mobile food van and serving them to people in need in the most deprived areas. We will provide food free of charge, no questions asked, no judgement made.

The advancement of employment, education and health, through the provision of employment workshops, CV writing workshops and Basic Key Skills. Support with job applications and working with partners.

The relief of sickness, health promotion within the Sikh community, focusing on the health concerns of the community, such as, diabetes and heart conditions. Health workshops and seminars by working with local NHS health teams to better promote health education within the Sikh community.

The promotion of religious harmony for the public benefit through raising awareness, mutual understanding and knowledge sharing. Respect for the beliefs of different faiths and none. Creating stronger relations among different faiths and communities. Working together to support religious freedom, especially during religious persecution or hate crime.