Welcome to the Manchester Sikh Foundation

where we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the Greater Manchester community. Our mission is to provide support to those in need, regardless of their background, through a range of initiatives.

We are committed to tackling poverty in the region by providing emergency food aid, including dry food parcels, hot meals, and mobile food van services. Our goal is to ensure that nobody goes hungry, and we do this by providing food free of charge, with no judgement or questions asked.

We believe that education and employment are key to breaking the cycle of poverty. That’s why we offer employment workshops, CV writing workshops, and basic key skills training to help individuals gain the skills they need to succeed. We also provide support with job applications and work with our partners to create job opportunities.

We are dedicated to promoting good health within the Sikh community and beyond. Our health workshops and seminars focus on the health concerns of the community, such as diabetes and heart conditions. We work closely with local NHS health teams to provide education and support that is tailored to the needs of the community.

At the Manchester Sikh Foundation, we believe in promoting religious harmony and respect for the beliefs of different faiths and none. We work to raise awareness, mutual understanding, and knowledge sharing. We are creating stronger relationships among different faiths and communities. We stand together to support religious freedom, especially during times of religious persecution or hate crime.

Join us in making a difference in Greater Manchester. Together, we can create a brighter future for everyone in our community.