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Sikh Community Survey 2022

We are considering our future activities, and want your input. We do not want to raise expectations, but do need to have some evidence of the needs of the community to move this forward.


The questionnaire is strictly confidential

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Punjabi Classes Evaluation Survey

An evaluation of Punjabi Classes delivered during the year.

As a participant in these classes, we hope it benefited you and would like to hear how it may have done so. Our thanks for the few minutes it should take to complete this brief evaluation survey.
Please answer the questions honestly and carefully.

No personal information will be included in our reporting from this evaluation nor shared with any other organisation.

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Sikh Youth Survey 2022

Manchester’s young Sikhs have, for too many years, been marginalised and their needs mostly ignored. We don’t believe that this is right and intend to change this.

We want your support to do this and for you to get your voice heard in making a real change.
In order to create new opportunities for Sikh young people, we need to have some evidence of your needs.

if you are aged 11 to 25, please take 5 minutes to help plan for our futures

the questionnaire is strictly confidential.

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